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Open letter to Senators Hagan and Burr about S. 510

I am writing to you regarding S. 510 – FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. This proposal will give the corrupt FDA even more wide-reaching powers to oppress the citizens of N.C., as well as the rest of the U.S. The VERY LAST thing that We The People need is to give this bureaucracy more power to control what we eat.
We’ve had heart attacks from Vioxx and Avandia and contaminated toothpaste from China; E. coli in our spinach, and salmonella in our spinach and peppers. Tainted pet food has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of our pets. And our children have gotten sick from toys painted with leaded paint. What will be the next ill-fated product “approved” by the FDA?
The agency’s list of corruptions and collusions is now a mile long. And each piece of new legislation aimed to improve its function seems to do just the opposite—making the FDA even more dependent upon financial support by Big Pharma. Now with a proposal to increase the FDA’s powers to surveil our food, the corruption will only increase, as the FDA will become dependant on money from Big Agri-Business.
The US has seen numerous outbreaks of foodborne illnesses caused by imported foods or domestic foods that were processed in huge facilities and shipped throughout the country. Unfortunately, HR 2749 (now S. 510) does not focus FDA’s efforts on these very real problems. Instead, it creates a regulatory framework that will heavily burden the small farms and local food processors, such as myself, the very people who provide a safe, healthy alternative to the industrial food supply.
I strongly urge you to defeat this proposed bill, as it will do nothing to improve the safety and health of your constituents.Thank you.

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