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Scott Brown

January 21, 2010 2 comments

I’ll be like everyone else (for once) and put my 2 cents in here. I’m not cheering for Scott Brown (newly elected rep. in Mass). He is not going to save the world any more than president Obeyme will. He’s a guy in Washington who will vote the same way as the rest of the people who checked the box marked “Republican”. I understand the idea of the political “parties”, but I don’t put a whole lot of faith in either one. Just because someone with a label of Republican is now representing the people of Massachusets really doesn’t give me a huge reason to cheer – other than the fact that maybe public opinion is changing; maybe more people are waking up to what’s really going on in these federated states.
Honestly I don’t have much, if any trust left in the “system” in Washington DC. I will go out on a limb and say that it is almost irrelevant. Really the only ‘government’ that I feel is relevant to my family’s life is the state and local government – and even that relevance is limited. ‘Government’ only has the power that we allow them to have over us; that’s the way things work (or are supposed to) in this country. Really government is not the one with the power; WE THE PEOPLE are.
Government is not there to rule over us, but to protect our liberty. If we cower as subjects, then we give our liberty away and we now have rulers, not a protector. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be active in the political process; whether it be local, state, or federal. We need to change our mindset; WE the people ARE THE ONES IN POWER; not the representatives we elect. We need to exercise that power that is God-given, and not have the mindset that some person with ‘republican’ or ‘democrat’ after their name allows us power. Liberty is something we are born with – the freedom to do whatever we choose; while accepting the consequences for those choices – aka “free will”; something that God has given us already. The consequenses can be good or bad, reward or punishment, riches or prison, heaven or hell; depending on what we choose. Government is there to protect our right to choose how to live our life, and to fairly execute justice when someone violates another’s right to do the same. It is not there to feed, clothe or shelter us, run companies, instigate conflict with others, etc.
Ok, what does this have to do with Scott Brown? I guess I went off on a tangent (rabbit trail?), but I can bring it around. I’m not jumping up and down over the election of Scott Brown because he is just a man. Once he arrives in the sewer we call our country’s capital, his cheerleaders might not be cheering so loud. We’ll see. I’ll start cheering when more people wake up and realize that they are the ones in power, that they control their lives, and government is there to protect their right to control their own lives, not to control their lives. I’m happy that maybe Scott Brown’s election is a symbol of this happening; but I’m afraid that after the confetti settles, most will go back to sleep. I hope the nap is over, we’ll see.

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