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Time for a headcount….

Got the census form in the mail today. Sent it out, too. Blank. With this nice letter attached.

123 Street Address
City, ST 98765

U.S. Census Bureau
4600 Silver Hill Road

, DC 20233

To whom it may concern:

The number of people residing in my home is 6.

This is the only information that I will disclose to the Census Bureau, per Article 1, section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution. My housing status, telephone number, name, sex, age, date of birth, race, or ethnicity have nothing to do with apportioning direct taxes, or determining the number of representatives in the House of Representatives. The Constitution established a federal government of limited, enumerated powers, and it does not give the Census Bureau the authority to request any additional information beyond what is defined in Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of said document. Therefore, I am under no Constitutional obligation to provide such information.

Attached you will find the unconstitutional form I received in my mailbox.


Will keep you up to date on any responses I may receive.

Until next time…..

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