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Don’t know….

what to say….
Our “representatives” have no idea what they promise when they take office….. for example:
“Today, this body, this institution, enshrined in the first article of the Constitution by our Founding Fathers as a sign of the importance they placed on this House, should be looking with pride on this legislation and our work. But it is not so. … When we came here, we each swore an oath to uphold and abide by the Constitution as representatives of the people. But the process here is broken. The institution is broken. And as a result, this bill is not what the American people need, nor what our constituents want. … We have failed to listen to America. And we have failed to reflect the will of our constituents.”
No, Mr. Boehner. You did not take an oath to support and defend the “will of our constituents.”

I’m honestly not surprised that this thing passed. Call it reform if you want. I’m not going to. I’m just surprised that Washington D.C. is not on fire right now. Honestly, how can our “representatives” even CONSIDER making it a law that you have to buy insurance?????

Our elected officials have turned a deaf ear to the voices of a clear majority of Americans by railroading an unwanted government takeover of our healthcare system. Congress passed the “ObamaCare” bill with provisions that I believe are overtly unconstitutional.
This bill contains infringements on our individual liberties, which will only continue to erode under our current government. I’m encouraging like-minded citizens like you to take a stand and sign Liberty Counsel’s Statement of Support. Please join me. Go here to sign:



Until next time…..

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