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History ALWAYS repeats itself

March 22, 1765 – British parliament passes the “Duties in American Colonies Act 1765”, AKA the Stamp Act.
May 30, 1765 – the Virginia House of Burgess passes the Virginia Resolves, opposing England’s burdensome taxation of the colonies.
June 6, 1765 – the Massachusets proposes a meeting of all of the colonies House of Burgesses in NYC. Massachusets notifies England immediately of this proposed meeting.
August 4, 1765 – Andrew Oliver – a Massachusets stamp agent was hung in effigy, from a large elm tree. This tree later became known as the Liberty Tree.
August 27, 1765 – A crowd in Newport, Rhode Island builds a gallows and hangs in effigy the local stamp agent, as well as a local Doctor and a lawyer. The crowd later attacks and vandalizes the homes of these men.
Other protests and violence spread throughout the 13 colonies until
March 17, 1766 – King George finally agreed to repeal Stamp Act.
***************Fast Forward 245 Years ALMOST TO THE DAY********************
March 21, 2010 – The 111th US Congress passes the unConstitutional Healthcare ‘Reform’ bill, despite over 60% of the population objecting to the bill, as well as the methods used to pass it.
March 23, 2010 – President Barack Hussein Obama signs the bill into law at 11am. 12 States follow the signing of the bill into law by filing lawsuits agains the federal government arguing that it violates the US Constitution. The Liberty Council, as well as other private groups will also file suits.
What does the future hold? Well, history shows that there will be protests, riots, violence, and eventual repeal of the law. History ALWAYS repeats itself.

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