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Went to a “Town Hall” meeting last night, hosted by my “representative” Mel Watt. Very depressing. A bunch of folks cheering for and applauding some guy they don’t know. Then after 45 minutes of him telling us what a good job he’s doing not representing us, he opened the floor to questions. Yes, he actually said he purposely didn’t hold town hall meetings before the health care bill, because he wasn’t interested in what we had to say to him!!! But anyway, back to the questions. It was disgusting to see a group of people groveling to some polititcian, begging him to send their money back to them. Send us money for this bill, send us money for that project. The thing that kept running thru my mind during this whole session – why did you give your money away to begin with? I’ve got one thought now. And here it is:

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