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Thank you Neil Crockett

The most-often used power tool in the kitchen started making a BAD noise the other day. This put all of the residents of our humble abode into a PANIC…. what will we do without our daily ration of real bread? Will we have to eat that flavor-less spongy substance that the store charges 2 dollars for? How will we survive? Will there be riots in the house like there is in Greece right now? Little people hurling squished balls of flaming, spongy, store-bought “bread”?
After breaking out the trusty screwdriver, and checking the scroogle scraper to see if anyone had run into a similar problem, I came across Neil Crockett’s site. Not only did he have step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the handy kitchen-aid mixer, but he also gave guidance on where to find the needed parts. Thank you Mr. Crockett for your amazingly accurate instructions, with great photos.

Until next time……..

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