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2010 "Blizzard"

December 26, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 “Blizzard”
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Kids are out sledding in their new sleds, chasing chickens and just enjoying our 4-5 inches of white stuff.

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christmas 2010

December 14, 2010 5 comments

Over the past months our family has really felt led to search God’s word for truths, and a lot of what has been revealed to us has been rather, well what a lot of folks consider weird….
I’m not preaching that others should follow our lead, make any changes or do anything contrary to what God has compells you and your family to do, but I want to share where we’re at. It may seem peculiar or even wrong to you, but I hope you understand I am certain this is something that God has revealed to us, and is not some wild random thing, and He has a reason for it.
Last spring it was revealed to us some of the origins of what is celebrated as easter, and how it actually has pagan roots. Yes the roman church did ‘bless’ it as a ‘christian holiday’, but we realize the symbolism that is used today to celebrate this ‘holiday’ – eggs, rabbits, etc. throws back to the pagan fertility celebrations that it was originally based on. So we decided not to participate. We went on a family camping trip instead. We celebrated that day as ‘resurrection day’ as a family. No candy, no rabbits, no eggs. It is one of the best times we’ve had together.
This past summer we were compelled to forgo halloween. That’s an easy one to realize that it had nothing to do with God….
Now the hard one – christmas. About the same time God showed us halloween was not something He wanted our family to celebrate; He showed us the origins of christmas. Now, I’ve always had mixed feelings about christmas. The last 15 years I have been absolutely revolted by the commercialization of what I thought was a ‘holy-day’. Found in a book something that really described my feelings –
“Tis the season to be greedy, ostentatious, treacly sentimental, frenzied, hysterical, morbidly drunk and suicidal, and we see no reason to pretend otherwise. Christmas has become like a horse with a broken leg. You can’t enjoy the horse and simply ignore its broken leg–the only decent thing to do is put it out of its misery and be done with it. If you’re religious, you surely realize that the potlatch orgy of December 25 has little to do with Christ. Mammon or Bacchus, maybe, but not Christ……”
I really didn’t want much to do with it, but once we had kids it just seemed like we ‘had’ to. But…… God always has His plan 🙂
We started discovering some truths, like Christ was more likely born sometime in early September. If you look at some of the historical records – the Roman census decree doesn’t fit with this Dec. 25th day, and shepherds around Palestine did not, and STILL do not keep their sheep in fields in December. It’s too rainy and cold – they are kept inside during the rainy season. This December 25th was yet another pagan holiday that the roman church co-opted to ‘convert’ the mid-winter solstice pagan celebration to a ‘christian holiday’. And a lot of the symbols are actually spoken against in the Bible, like the tree in Jeremiah 10. The whole thing just didn’t feel right anymore. So we started going thru all our old christmas stuff yesterday. That was kinda difficult, getting rid of stockings, old ornaments, etc. But this morning, in my reading I randomly opened to Ezekiel 20, and it confirmed to me that this was the right choice for our family.
God set aside sabbaths and feasts for us to celebrate, and we’ve decided to; instead of joining with the rest of the world in celebrating things like christmas and easter, we’re going to try and follow God’s designated celebrations instead. Even if it seems foolish and peculiar to people……

So – that’s why we’ve chosen to ‘opt out’ of christmas. This is something that we’ve ALL decided together as a family, kids included. I’m sure most people won’t understand, and may even be upset by this decision. That’s not our intent – to upset, but if it does – We don’t feel right apologizing about it. We hope y’all understand.

Until next time……

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