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Bye Bye swimming pool

We had a horrendous storm last night after supper, seemed like a foot of rain in 10 minutes. At least it seemed that way looking at water rushing down the hill. Oh wait, that was from the swimming pool with the tree through the side. We lost the pool, but by an act of grace the tree missed the house by a foot or so.
Our neighbor’s “pond” he built a few weeks ago (with no drain) overflowed and eroded most of the bank away, but it didn’t completely collapse (yet). Driveway is covered in pond mud, yuck.
The goats took advantage of the fact the tree fell across their fence, and escaped in the middle of the storm, so I got the brilliant idea of cutting the tree off the fence in the middle of the downpour. Who needs a swimming pool, I can get just as wet standing in a rainstorm 🙂
But, we’re all safe, and to quote something from the series we’re reading now “All’s well that ends well”. God was protecting us last night for sure!

Check out the rest of the photos here:

Until next time.

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