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A big pile of bags. REALLY big.

November 9, 2011 1 comment

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575 feed bags full of over 40,000 pounds of dirt later, and we now have a root cellar! It took almost a month to build, and TONS of hard work from Taya and the children, but it’s FINISHED. God protected us all from major injury as we built it, and it is truly amazing to see it completed. We used the plans from Mother Earth News (here) and instructables (here) as a guide, and modified it as needed. Basically you fill feed bags full of earth (hence the name earthbag), stack them on top of each other, and pound them down until it’s as hard as concrete. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat, with a layer of barbed wire in between as mortar. You make a dome shape as you go. You end up with a completely self-supporting structure. it's done!!

It’s VERY unsettling towards the end, ten feet up in the air, looking like you’re standing on a floating feed bag supported by nothing. 1030111711.jpg

The only catastrophe we had was the arched doorway we spent half a day building. 1030111708.jpg We received several inches of rain before we got it covered up better, the soil in the bags turned to mud, and the keystone of the arch collapsed. At this point it was too much work to take the walls back apart and rebuilt the arch; so we have a square doorway. Oh well.

We were also very blessed to have a GREAT neighbor volunteer his trackhoe and time to dig out the initial area, otherwise we’d still be digging the hillside out by hand. All in all we are very pleased with the work that God allowed us to do, and with the resulting root cellar. We hope to be able to store most of next years harvest from the garden this way, and have it last most of the winter. Here is a slideshow of the process All we have left to do is to backfill around the dome, and build the door. I will add the pictures to the slideshow as this is done.

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I am the .09%

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

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