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New Home for our blog

Due to google’s privacy policy changes, not liking the blogger interface, and just some general housekeeping – we’ve moved over to wordpress.  Hope you like our new site, give us time as we remodel and clean up the cobwebs.


Until next time…..


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  1. Patsy Stanley
    February 6, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Thanks Guys, I had lost you completely and wondered if I should call you. James and I have both been under the weather lately and I mean deep down under. I need a hip replacement and he needs a knee replacement and his is complicated because he has 4 screws and a rod in his knee already, which will have to be removed and healed before they could fix it and I am anemic and Diabetic and they cannot get my blood levels right so we are just hurting. We are still trying to be up and about all we can but it is hard. Take care and enjoy your young days because we both use to be really athletic. At one time we walked about 5 miles a day, now they say stay off treadmill, bones are worn out. LOL Try to keep smiling, tomorrow might be better. Love you all, Aunt Pat

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