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VOTE! with how you live, not by choosing someone else to tell you how to

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment


As I look at our youngest daughter, I can’t help but think.  We live in this society where…

  • Everyone I know claims that politicians are corrupt, but continue to stand in line to elect new ones, hoping that they’ll be less evil than the current evil.
  • These same politicians, once elected, show their true colors of corruption, and people continue spending their money at the corporations that pay off the politicians to in-debt and enslave the people and grow the corporate bottom line.   
  • Everyone complains about the high price of food, but yet pay Chem-lawn to maintain their lawns of grass and not grow any of their own food.
  • “The way it is” is wrong, but everyone seems to agree that it’s the only way.
  • There is this system that sends sons and brothers off to “war” to sustain itself.  These “wars” are really just fought to kill and enslave innocent people, and enrich the system.
  • We go through each day as zombies in this system. Don’t think.  Don’t ask questions.  Just do your patriotic duty and consume. Everything is fine.
  • We are encouraged to focus on nonsensical trivia, and ignore things that are vitally important.

Now we have another little life, totally dependent on us for everything. Like the other 5, she will say everything we say, everything we teach she will learn to do. Our life should continue to say “NO” to consumerism and corporate foods and debt-slavery, everything we complain about… or we can just be hypocrites.

Self-sufficiency is the latest buzzword, but there’s something else – agrarianism, something a little different than the latest “green” fad, THIS is truly depending on God for our family’s needs and learning His lessons that come from working with our hands and leaving the results up to Him.  Agrarianism means being a producer, not a consumer. It’s about avoiding the corporate system that really just wants you indebted, enslaved, comfortable, without true freedom, and to be dependent on THEM rather than God. 
What if millions of people decided that they wanted land instead of the perfect house, a gardens instead of the perfect lawn, and freedom instead of comfort?  The big corporations and the system they support would not be able to exist anymore.  Now I don’t foresee masses “voting” this way, because it is so contrary to everything that is promoted.  But if we start with our little sphere of influence, I can see this beginning to take hold.
I am tired of politics, corporate food, corrupt systems, apathetic people, and an unsustainable future. No matter how many times people go stand in line to check a box, or hang a chad, and no matter what “party” is in power NOTHING changes.  In fact, if voting actually made a difference; it would probably be outlawed. 
But, what if you could vote every single day of your life for the things you believe in most? What if there was something you did every day that will provide for the family, encourage production not consumption, nourish us with God-given foods, and return the freedom that God designed us to live under? What if God put Adam and Eve into the garden for a reason?
That is agrarianism.  That is the vote that actually matters.


Until next time…..

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