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Not a pig, that’s a HAWG!

September 30, 2013 4 comments
FWD: by baldwinmk
FWD:, a photo by baldwinmk on Flickr.

Spent the last 2 days slaughtering, butchering, and processing the biggest member of the pork family I’ve ever put a knife to. A 600 pound pig, I mean hog. We did this one a little different, instead of skinning it, like we have in the past, we scalded and scraped, and scraped, and scraped the bristles and hide off.

It’s more work, but definitely better.  We have close to 100 pounds of fat we’ll render into lard, most of which gets lost in the skinning method.  We ground lots of sausage, ground pork, and made some rather pretty pork chops.   80 pounds (!) of bacon – belly meat, and cheek meat.     Am boiling down the stock to make my very first headcheese.

I found this great set of videos here: that gave some really good tips and recipes as well.  And I have to show the pretty ham photo as well:


pardon us while we eat ourselves senseless for the next few weeks  🙂

Until next time…..

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A cabin…..sorta

September 17, 2013 1 comment

We’re working on putting up a rough cabin, so we have a little bit sturdier place to sleep while we work on clearing and taming this jungle. This is how it started….

P9080062 by baldwinmk

And this is how far we got:

The Land - 9-14&15

The little teepee looking thing off to the side is the dog’s “wigwam” that the boys built:

Le' Rustic' Dawg Haws

Here’s how we filter water from the spring for drinking (video):


Check out the progress as we add more photos:


Until next time…..

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Bouncing in a bobcat

September 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Bouncing in a bobcat a video by baldwinmk on Flickr.

Yes, we’re still around; haven’t shared anything on this site in quite a while. Liberty finally got the fence painted 😉
We’re working on taming the wilderness on the land we’ve purchased last month. I rented a bobcat to move some brush and do a little digging, here’s me bouncing around over stumps and logs as I clear a patch to put a cabin.

Here is Taya and the children up by the road, the day we closed:


Here is the little pond that the spring feeds:


Ian ready to do battle against the 7 foot weeds:


Austin and Hannah hiking up to the camp site:


Clearing the ground for the camp site:


The camp site after hours of clearing:


The “road” down by the creek. This is going to take a LOT of work to clean up. The Bobcat didn’t really help much down here. The loggers left a 4 foot deep pile of brush/logs that have gotten pushed down into the mud. Still trying to figure this one out…..


Taya cooking the family fajitas for lunch. Isn’t she amazing!!! 3 hot meals a day, even if she has to hunch over an open fire to make them. One of the many reasons I love her 🙂

The Land

Little Matt giving me advice on how to get the Bobcat unstuck:

The Land

Ruth enjoying a very melted Klondike ice cream bar. It was HOT!

The Land

And of course; Liberty spelling me on the Bobcat. That thing is a very bumpy ride. And yes, I did manage to get it stuck (even with tracks)

The Land

Until next time…..

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