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Bouncing in a bobcat

Bouncing in a bobcat a video by baldwinmk on Flickr.

Yes, we’re still around; haven’t shared anything on this site in quite a while. Liberty finally got the fence painted 😉
We’re working on taming the wilderness on the land we’ve purchased last month. I rented a bobcat to move some brush and do a little digging, here’s me bouncing around over stumps and logs as I clear a patch to put a cabin.

Here is Taya and the children up by the road, the day we closed:


Here is the little pond that the spring feeds:


Ian ready to do battle against the 7 foot weeds:


Austin and Hannah hiking up to the camp site:


Clearing the ground for the camp site:


The camp site after hours of clearing:


The “road” down by the creek. This is going to take a LOT of work to clean up. The Bobcat didn’t really help much down here. The loggers left a 4 foot deep pile of brush/logs that have gotten pushed down into the mud. Still trying to figure this one out…..


Taya cooking the family fajitas for lunch. Isn’t she amazing!!! 3 hot meals a day, even if she has to hunch over an open fire to make them. One of the many reasons I love her 🙂

The Land

Little Matt giving me advice on how to get the Bobcat unstuck:

The Land

Ruth enjoying a very melted Klondike ice cream bar. It was HOT!

The Land

And of course; Liberty spelling me on the Bobcat. That thing is a very bumpy ride. And yes, I did manage to get it stuck (even with tracks)

The Land

Until next time…..

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