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One wall up!

PA060171 by baldwinmk
PA060171, a photo by baldwinmk on Flickr.

We’ve gotten 1 wall up on the cabin. Austin and I spent most of the day dropping trees, dragging them over and hanging them, while Ian and Little Matt started chinking/plastering the front wall.


Hopefully the next couple weekends we can have the rest of the walls up, get the roof on, put the door in (found a great one on craigslist for $20) and start working on the rocket mass heater.
Hopefully our sad tent will hold up until then. It’s true “they don’t make things like they used to” – We’ve had this tent up for 1 season, and the walls are dry-rotting already. Most of the tent is held together with patches and duct tape at this point. Luckily Taya had the forethought to get a tarp over the top of it to protect from the weather and sun.
The Land - 9-14&15

Taya spent a while with a rake and shovel planting a small patch of garlic, so we’ll have a little something in the ground.  Next we’ll get some broccoli, cabbage, and maybe a little lettuce too.  It’s been very mild, so we should be able to get them in before it gets too awful cold.
A garlic garden
Tested the water from the sand filter – we still have about 12 hours to go, but it looks like it may turn up positive for some sort of bacteria. Bummer. But it may just need to sit a while longer. But all the other tests – fertilizer, lead, etc. all came up completely negative. We can always just run all our drinking water thru the berkey filter, or drop a few drops of bleach in the water.
The Land - 9-14&15
We did take the day off Saturday, and spent the afternoon at the Halifax County Fair. Kinda funny – no matter where you go to the fair, it always seems to be the same kinda folks there. But we did enjoy ourselves.
That’s all for now.

Until next time…..

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