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80 pounds bacon – 5 gallons kraut

Not your typical sight – a bunch of meat soaking in a bathtub. But this huge hog had so much belly meat, the kitchen sink wouldn’t hold it all, so to the bathtub it went. It’ll soak there for 24 hours to equalize the salt a bit, then it air dries for another 24 hours before getting smoked. That’s a LOT of bacon.
Then comes the saurkraut.  I picked up a 5 gallon crock over the summer super cheap (Craigslist of course), so I can make loads of kraut at a time.  Here’s 5 gallons ready to put up.  Enjoyed our last quart from the previous batch with dinner tonite, so this is perfect timing.  The crock method is SO much nicer than trying to ferment individual quart jars.  That’s an awful mess, and always ends up with a lot of mold on top of each jar so you have to throw out the top inch or so.  The crock was worth the $20 investment.

We’re slowly getting our stores in for the winter.  We still have a beef to butcher, and probably find one more pig before we feel a little less anxious about winter food.  We have some chickens put up, and a couple more dozen to butcher.   Maybe the shelves aren’t as bare as they seem  🙂


Until next time…..

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