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A calf in the living room?

image.jpg, a photo by baldwinmk on Flickr.

Ok, this is a first; even for us. We bought a newly freshened milk cow last week, and got her heifer calf with her. Hopefully this way we can always be in milk, if we stagger the breeding of the 2 of them.
But first we’ve got to get the calf healthy again. Went out to the barn Monday morning to check on them (it was 17 degrees overnight) and found the calf laying outside on the concrete, not moving. I immediately picked her up, put her on Ian’s lap in the truck and headed for the house. Got a warm fire going in the wood burner and proceeded to try and get fluids in her. She had scours pretty bad and was very weak. We’re on our third day of having a calf in the house, and she’s beginning to show signs of improvement. We’ve moved her into the bathtub for now, as it was getting a bit messy in the living room. Hopefully she’ll recovery and we can put her back in with Mama. Now when the children are asked if they were raised in a barn, they’ll have to think about that for a minute .

Until next time…..


Update on the calf:  Unfortunately we lost her.  She got too weak from the scours, even with Taya’s calf rescue formula (tastes terrible, btw).  She kind of gave up, stopped eating, even after we were force feeding her for a few days.  It’s always hard to lose an animal, but we have to realize that God’s wisdom and plans sometimes make no sense to us, we just have to acccept.


Until next time…..

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  1. December 10, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Update on the calf – unfortunately she didn’t make it, she was just too weak. She kind of gave up, didn’t want to eat, and finally got too weak to stand up for more than a minute or two. Very hard to lose an animal, but sometimes that’s just the way things happen. God’s wisdom and plan makes little sense to us at times like this, but we have to learn to accept.

    Until next time…..

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