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Piggie’s pallet palace

February 10, 2014 3 comments
Piggie's pallet palace. by baldwinmk
Piggie’s pallet palace., a photo by baldwinmk on Flickr.

A friend of mine who works at a local hardware store gave me ALL the pallets they had stored behind the store. 6 HUGE pickup loads. I think we counted about 65-75 pallets. Taya and the twins spent the last 2 days hammering in T-posts, screwing together pallets, and wiring pallets to the T-posts, to make a new home for the pigs.  Even baby Ruthie got involved…image.jpg

We have a farrowing area, the area for the boys, and a “no-man’s land” area as a buffer in between. Now we can move the pigs out of the garden, and into their new home.
All before the snow that’s forecast for the early part of the week hits. We’ll let y’all know how it works out.

Until next time……

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Predator swiss cheese

February 6, 2014 1 comment
Predator swiss cheese by baldwinmk
Predator swiss cheese, a photo by baldwinmk on Flickr.

Was up later than normal last night watching the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate on YouTube. I normally go and get the chickens put up around 9PM, but it was after 10 before I ventured out. For some reason all the laying hens were hanging out in the hay shed instead of roosting in the chicken coop. Kinda odd….
Wrangled them all into the coop, making sure that all was OK, and locked them in for the night.
On the way back into the house, I noticed something “slithering” on the ground in one of the garden areas where we have some of the meat chickens. Odd…… a snake shouldn’t be moving around this late at night.  Nope – not a snake; that’s a ‘possum tail. Possums are well known for eating eggs, as well as chickens – not good. Grabbed a rifle and made swiss cheese out of him.  Hard to hit a moving target in the dark under a tarp. I figured 7 or 8 .22 holes would be as effective as a load of buckshot, but quieter at 10:30. Nothing like a 12 gauge going off in the middle of the night to wake up the neighbors!
Anyway, I had Austin drag the carcass out in to the middle of the garden/pen this morning, hopefully the chickens will find it tasty and clean it up, saving on chicken feed for a few days. Or it’ll go to the pigs.
Waste not want not.

Until next time…..

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