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January 23, 2015 4 comments

Wow, I’ve sorely neglected posting to this blog.  Guess that happens sometimes, especially in our world.  Anyway, let me try and catch things up since our last posting (way back last year…)

Elijah has sprouted 4 teeth (wow, where has the last 9 months gone??), we took him on his very first trip to the Krispy Kreme store.
Taya took the children to the Kernersville library a few weeks ago. While she was there, she took an updated photo – sorta. The bench below was where Taya and I had our photo made the day we were married. Here’s the same bench 16+ years later (minus us), with our “little” family overflowing the bench.
Liberty has been busy working on her alphabet,
and has learned to write her name – she did this one all on her own.
We made a 5 gallon batch of kraut, to get us thru the winter months,
which came out delicious. We were very blessed to find this 5 gallon crock for such little money!
The piggies are growing like crazy – we’ve found a source for stale bread to supplement their feed and give them a little treat as well. Little Matt built a catapult contraption that works great for feeding the bread to the pigs:

We were able to purchase an old used camper that we plan on using at our land in VA. It had a LOT of rot inside, so we’ve completely stripped the inside, right down to the frame, and the metal. We’ve spent the past few weekends replacing the floor, and shoring a bit of the rotten framework back up. It’s a work in progress, but we’re making progress.
We celebrated the 13th anniversary of Hannah’s birth – Ian made her a custom “book” cake, based on a book she was really enjoying at the time.
Not much else going on around here, it appears that Daisy the donkey is going to foal soon, don’t know exactly when, but knowing the way our animals are; probably the coldest, windiest day of the year…
We’re observing a “land Sabbath” this year, giving the ground a break; based off the 7-year cycle described in Leviticus 25. This will be the first time we’ve observed such a Sabbath, it will be very strange not starting plants/seeds in a few weeks. We’re hopeful that God will allow enough “volunteer” plants, and edible “weeds” to come up on our land to provide for us this coming spring and summer, and have enough stored provisions from previous years to get us at least partway thru the cold months into next year. That way we don’t have to really too much on the industrial “food” system. We did make quite a few friends at the farmer’s market last year, who we can trust to provide plenty of non-chemical produce to help us through as well.

Hope everyone is doing well, and fairing the winter weather. We’ve just gotten thru our annual January thaw, had a couple of near-70 degree days. But the weather folks are predicting snow in a week, so we’d better get the firewood replenished up on the porch. Take care y’all!

Until next time…..

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