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More on a “Land Sabbath”

In a previous post I mentioned that our family was observing a land sabbath this year, based off of Leviticus 25; and not planting any gardens or other crops.  Well, after further study, prayer, contemplation and discussion we’ve modified this a bit.  Since we don’t have enough in our stores for a whole year for the 9 of us, we’ve decided to do a better job of rotation of gardens.  We have 6 or 7 different garden plots we use, so we’re going to let 1 plot lie fallow each year, instead of planting in all of them every year and taking a year off entirely.  When we studied Leviticus 25 a little more in depth, we saw that it was teaching stewardship of the land God gave us, instead of ritually following a 7 year break in all agricultural activity.  We were basing our understanding of the land sabbath by the Jewish customs, and not so much the natural cycles that God has put into place to increase the fertility of the land that He has given us to steward.

By rotating the garden plots, and letting one rest each year, we accomplish the resting of the land described in the scripture, and still are dependent on God to provide for our food.  Not only does the scripture outline a proper stewardship of the land, it also teaches that our sustenance comes from God.  If we did not plant anything this year, we would end up relying on the industrial food system – the one that we have been working to get away from for all these years – to provide for us.  Even if we wildcrafted and foraged for our fresh food during the summer months; we would still end up at the farmers market, or worse yet, the local grocery store during the late fall, winter and early springtime to feed our family.  This would be a complete contradiction of what the scripture was intended to teach.

I guess this goes to show that God reveals himself to us in His good time, sometimes a little bit at time, and we have to always be ready to listen and respond to his teachings and guidance.

Until next time…..

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  1. March 24, 2015 at 3:28 am

    We’ve pretty much come to the same conclusion. I think we’re going to let our raised beds rest on the 7th gardening year for us, which will be next year, and probably plant cover crops. But we’ll still plant a garden in a new spot, or create more raised beds. I agree that the point is to let the ground refresh itself for a season. I wish you a bountiful year!

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