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Fall garden


Shot a quick photo of our fall garden this morning as I was headed out, this is just a corner of the garden; but it shows promise.  The cabbages are starting to head, we’re getting broccoli florets, and the kale is doing great.  Don’t have pictures of everything, but we also have kohlrabi, cauliflower, lettuces, and LOTS more kale coming along.  I’m very happy with the kale crop this year; growing it from seed is super cheap and easy.  Bought seed for $1 per ounce; you can get a POUND of kale seed for under $20 that way.  That’s a whole lot of kale.  We planted about 2 ounces and we have 3-4 beds full.

We were very blessed with a pickup bed full of FREE plants that our local feed store was getting ready to throw away.  About half of them were dead already; but what weren’t, perked right up when we put them in some good soil.  Free lettuce, brussel sprouts, spinach, more cauliflower and kale.  There was some of the free broccoli that might not make it, as it was totally stripped to the ribs from cabbage moth larvae.  Most of the other plants were just withered up from frost and not being watered.  Was a huge blessing to have started plants given to us, instead of having to start from seed, or have to buy the starts.

The little green cabbage moth monsters were so bad in our garden earlier this year, that I actually broke down and purchased some BT powder to put on the plants.  I dislike using even natural pesticides, but in this case we were in danger of losing our entire garden. I’d rather bite the bullet, and use something that I know the ingredients on, raise the plants myself, and not have to go the the chemically-laden grocery store for “fresh” produce.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  A couple weeks of application, in between all the rains seems to have mitigated the worms and saved the crop.

Here’s to a bountiful fall!

Until next time…..

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