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Around Here…..

February 11, 2016 2 comments

Yeah, I know – nothing for months, then 3 posts in one day.  So is life.  Let’s try and catch up with what’s been going on since last November.


At the beginning of December we enjoyed unseasonably warm weather, so we took the opportunity to do some outdoor work.  We spent several days clearing vines and undergrowth from our fruit orchard, and began to fence the remaining parts of the perimeter of our property.  We also knocked down the wooden fence at the front of the property, pulled up the fence posts, and took down the 24398358912_597645d900_bheavy wooden gates.  I had chosen the cheap way out on the fence and used untreated pine boards, and landscape timbers for posts.  Most of the boards rotted, and about 1/4 of the landscape timbers were beginning to rot, and break off at ground level.  We replaced that fence with woven wire, and found a super deal on 2 metal gates.  It ended up looking quite nice.


We celebrated the 14th anniversary of Hannah’s birth a couple weeks later, along with some friends (Hi Marino family) from Michigan that God brought into our life.  We enjoyed the time together with them greatly, and hope to be able to get together again soon.  The children chat almost every night.


Due to a previous water leak, the children’s bathroom floor had to be torn up and replaced.  That was an 23918736622_50806cac29_ointeresting project.  I’ve ripped out walls, and replaced roofs; but this is the first time I’ve ever had to opportunity to redo a floor.  It came out better than I had hoped.


On a whim, one Saturday afternoon we drove down to Myrtle Beach State Park and walked on the beach for a few hours.


It was enjoyable, but once the sun went down it got cold quickly.

24513768226_e925e31fde_zNear the tail end of January, we got our first snow of the winter season.  It was mainly sleet; as it almost always is in our neck of the woods, but the children still had a good time playing in it for a while.  It even lasted 3-4 days before the majority of it melted away.



The boys and I spent several weekends gathering firewood for next year.  We were blessed with about 6 pickup loads of red oak; all we had to do was split it, and give half of it to the property owner.  He even loaned us his Monster Maul to split the enormous rounds – I’m planning on investing in one of these soon.


24724600861_63d8b4b43b_bWe’ve continued to have odd weather, thunderstorms and flooding in the early part of February.  Of course the seasons still come each year, but they always hold a bit of a surprise for us; I guess to keep us from getting bored.



That pretty much catches us up to date on life here in our world.  I hope all is well with everyone who happens across our little corner of the internet.  Let me leave you with some nice chocolate Pi…..24853358291_a0dbdf2890_b

Until next time…..

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Daddy time….

February 11, 2016 Leave a comment


On a recent trip to town, I got to share a few minutes with my littlest.  Nothing like a hot cup of tea on a dreary day, and a couple of guys sitting outside in the rain watching cars go by.


Until next time…..

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February 11, 2016 1 comment

One thing we’ve had to come to accept in this life is loss.  Losses of all kinds; money, friends, tools, loved ones, and lately; animals.  It’s a hard lesson to learn as an adult, and I’m sure as children; especially on the older ones, it’s even more difficult. They’ve had a lot of losses over the years, and I know it’s been hard on them.  The past couple of months though, seems as though we’ve had a whole lot more:

Ian has put a lot of work into a natural rabbit pen, instead of the typic22985896953_ef74fec52e_oal wire pens.  This allows them to burrow into the ground like they do in the wild, but still be protected from predators, and allow us access to them.  Back about 6 weeks ago, his first litter of bunnies was born.   Sadly, within a week or so of their birth, we had torrential rains, and they drowned.  He worked hard to modify the housing before the next litter was born.  Sadly, the same thing happened.  He has not given up though; and I’m very proud that he’s willing to keep trying.

We ordered 60 new laying hens this year, to replace our geriatric hens that we’ve had for many years24373982980_d9d47f6083_m.  While we were waiting for the chicks to arrive in the mail, one of those old hens snuck off, went broody, and hatched out 4 little chicks.    The day that the hatchery chicks came we found one of 24595668061_05257ce0f6_mthe homestead-born chicks had gotten smothered up against a feed bag and died.  Then on top of that, for some unknown reason we lost almost 1/4 of the batch of hatchery chicks within the first couple days.  The hatchery replaced them all at no cost to us, but we still had that huge loss.

24828382222_300f74bf71_mOur new “mama” pig had her first litter of piglets last night, I went outside after dark to check on her, and discovered we’d lost 2 of them.  Since I don’t have good “muck” boots, I asked Ian to climb into the pen to check on them and hand me the dead piglets.  A chore he willingly did, but did not enjoy.  Before sunrise this morning I went to check on her, and it looked like 2 more died.  Taya just sent me a text that there were 4 more that didn’t make it.  More loss.  But we had 1 survive, which is a blessing.

It’s very disheartening when God allows these losses to happen, but it reminds us He is in control.  It’s a reminder to us each and every time that life is precious, and something not to take for granted.  While we stumble along through this life it can be very hard to keep the proper perspective on things, and losses like this make us look to Him for answers even more.

Until next time…..

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