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One thing we’ve had to come to accept in this life is loss.  Losses of all kinds; money, friends, tools, loved ones, and lately; animals.  It’s a hard lesson to learn as an adult, and I’m sure as children; especially on the older ones, it’s even more difficult. They’ve had a lot of losses over the years, and I know it’s been hard on them.  The past couple of months though, seems as though we’ve had a whole lot more:

Ian has put a lot of work into a natural rabbit pen, instead of the typic22985896953_ef74fec52e_oal wire pens.  This allows them to burrow into the ground like they do in the wild, but still be protected from predators, and allow us access to them.  Back about 6 weeks ago, his first litter of bunnies was born.   Sadly, within a week or so of their birth, we had torrential rains, and they drowned.  He worked hard to modify the housing before the next litter was born.  Sadly, the same thing happened.  He has not given up though; and I’m very proud that he’s willing to keep trying.

We ordered 60 new laying hens this year, to replace our geriatric hens that we’ve had for many years24373982980_d9d47f6083_m.  While we were waiting for the chicks to arrive in the mail, one of those old hens snuck off, went broody, and hatched out 4 little chicks.    The day that the hatchery chicks came we found one of 24595668061_05257ce0f6_mthe homestead-born chicks had gotten smothered up against a feed bag and died.  Then on top of that, for some unknown reason we lost almost 1/4 of the batch of hatchery chicks within the first couple days.  The hatchery replaced them all at no cost to us, but we still had that huge loss.

24828382222_300f74bf71_mOur new “mama” pig had her first litter of piglets last night, I went outside after dark to check on her, and discovered we’d lost 2 of them.  Since I don’t have good “muck” boots, I asked Ian to climb into the pen to check on them and hand me the dead piglets.  A chore he willingly did, but did not enjoy.  Before sunrise this morning I went to check on her, and it looked like 2 more died.  Taya just sent me a text that there were 4 more that didn’t make it.  More loss.  But we had 1 survive, which is a blessing.

It’s very disheartening when God allows these losses to happen, but it reminds us He is in control.  It’s a reminder to us each and every time that life is precious, and something not to take for granted.  While we stumble along through this life it can be very hard to keep the proper perspective on things, and losses like this make us look to Him for answers even more.

Until next time…..

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  1. Martha Hoffman
    February 15, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Love reading your posts. May sound weird after this one, but they always give me hope. Death is the only way that life is possible and I am glad you are teaching your children to trust the process. I read a quote recently that went something like “if you hold a tragedy in your hands, sometimes you can see a miracle running through it”. The older I get, the more I am shown that this is true. Your little family is changing the world – thank you for your wisdom.

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